Bachelor Episode II: Pop The Bubbly

Welcome back Bachelor Nation! As we watch episode 2, I will be blogging in real time. We had a phenomenal first episode and if you need a recap, you can check out our Episode I blog. I don’t want too much credit here, but, covering the Batchelor and the Natty Title Game all at once is a lot for any blogger to handle, you’re welcome, Scors is a man of the people.

This episode opens up where we left off with Hannah and Pete chatting it up, Hannah in tears and Peter contemplating what he wants to do in regard to their relationship. Hannah and Pete are holding hands while the remaining contestants are working on their scripts for the show and are anxiously wondering where Peter is. Hannah asks Peter to leave with her and catch a flight and be together forever, wow, POWER MOVE. Peter is so conflicted, you can see it on his face as the former couple embraces. Hannah is obviously looking like a million bucks, the other girls are slowly beginning to realize that the connection between Hannah and Peter obviously still exists. Peter then drops the HAMMER and tells Hannah he can’t do this. Peter tells Hannah the dream is over and he has to go back to the other girls. Peter tells the camera that he wanted to kiss Hannah, he needs to follow his heart, it looks like Peter is finally moving on from Hannah Brown.

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Mykenna is concerned that Peter is only thinking about Hannah and has completely forgotten about her. Mykenna is off the deep end, she is going to cause more drama than a high school production of “Camelot”. Peter brings all the girls together and informs them of the Hannah B situation, he cancels the group date because he is not in the right “head space”. Hannah is lucky she’s not around because we could have had a Tyson biting the ear off Holyfield type of situation. The girls are NOT happy and say they have seen Hannah as much as they have seen Pilot Pete. Thus begins the relationship and philosophical advice from nine 23 year old girls, exactly what makes the world go round’. Peter circles back and tells all the girls to trust him and leave the Hannah B stuff in the past. Natasha (the oldest contestant) is pissed, she lets Peter hear about it. I give her credit, all the other girls complain to the camera and when they get in front of Peter kiss his ass. Peter and Natasha sit down and have a very direct conversation and they begin to chuckle with each other, potential recipient of the date rose upcoming.

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Sydney snatches the first kiss of the evening, she is also from Alabama, Big Pete has more of an affection toward the state of Alabama than Nick Saban and Ms. Terry. It is time to give out the date rose.. tension is mounting. Sydney, come and collect your date rose.

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Back in the Bachelor Mansion, Peter arrives to greet all of the ladies and informs them of the situation with Hannah B and how he realizes now exactly what he wants and that is… Everlasting love.

Lexi and Peter get some one on one time and Peter gives her a matchbox red convertible to represent her entrance to the house. Lexi takes the strategy to connect with Peter on an emotional level and they begin to discuss their natural connection from the moment they saw each other. They start to compare the different shades of red hair in her hair and his beard. HEY NOW. They share a passionate kiss.

Kelsey breaks out a bottle of champagne that she has been saving to share with Pilot Pete, she sets it up in a chilled bucket and lights candles all around it, such a romantic gesture from Kelsey. Instead of sharing the bottle of bubbly, Mykenna grabs Peter away from Kelsey and the gloves are off. Kelsey calls out Mykenna and she spews some BS on how she doesn’t mean to disrespect anyone in the house, Kelsey calls her a bullshit artist. Kelsey informs her that no mercy will be given out and that Mykenna is a complete snake.

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Kelsey, the snake in the grass.

Madison and Peter have an obvious connection. Peter and her look very natural together in this bloggers humble opinion. Peter pulls out a framed picture of them together with…. Peter’s parents. Hey Pete, pump the brakes big dog. Kind of a wild move. Now, back to Kelsey and her champagne. Oh yeah, about that, Hannah Ann grabs it and starts drinking it with Peter. Kelsey is going to go on the warpath. She begins breaking down and hysterically crying. She has saved this bottle for over a year to share with the man of her dreams and Hannah Ann and Peter are sucking it down like they just won the NL Pennant.

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Kelsey barricaded herself in the bathroom and is hysterically crying. Peter tries to talk to her and she won’t come out of the bathroom. Hannah Ann pretends to play dumb and Kelsey comes storming out of the bathroom and gets in Hannah Ann’s business. Kelsey storms off and Peter chases after her. Ironically enough, another bottle of champagne is in another location of the house. Peter pops it open and hands it over to Kelsey who tries to take a swig out of the bottle an it ERUPTS in her face. It is like every instagram video you have seen of a college girl on her birthday, POW right in the kisser.

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Kelsey claims to be a “classy bitch”

Hannah Ann attempts to apologize to Kelsey and she calls her a “fake bitch” Those are fighting words in the Bachelor Mansion and ChampagneGate 2020 is officially underway. It is time for the rose ceremony. It is time for Peter to make some big time selections, slowly the field is dwindling down. The first rose of the night goes to Mykenna (Wow, she has her talons on him) then the following roses are as follows:
Victoria P, Natasha, Jasmine, Sarah, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Alexa, Tammy, Alayah, Victoria F, Shiann, Kelley, Kiarra, Savannah, Kelsey. Wow, I am devastated that Courtney is going home, time to hunt down her Instagram profile STAT.

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Kelsey survives and advances and the tension in this room between Hannah Ann and Kelsey is intensifying. Peter asks Kelsey to perform a toast and she declines, well guess who steps up to the plate for the toast, Hannah Ann, from the top rope! I gotta be honest here, I hate some of Peter’s selections, Courtney, Jade, Maurissa, Megan all gone within the first two weeks. Not a huge fan of this clock management and decision making, Peter taking a page out of Bill O’Briens playbook with some of these choices.

We cut to the next morning at the mansion, Madison goes and retrieves the date card. It’s a group date and the clue is “Time to let your personality shine” and we are off to a fashion show, the girls will be competing on the cat walk. We are at “Revolve” and by the reactions of the ladies, it appears that Revolve is a big time place to be. Carson Kressley, Janice Dickinson and the Chief Brand Officer of Revolve will be helping them. The girls will be competing in the revolve fashion show and the winner will receive thousands of dollars worth of Revolve clothing!!!!

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Victoria F is struggling big time with this challenge, she is not confident in herself and she says that she is completely overwhelmed. I can sort of relate to this anxiety so I am feeling for her, tough situation. Some of these “challenges” are ridiculous and I don’t blame them for not wanting to compete in front of a live studio audience, especially when you have to do it on the catwalk. The producers are like vultures and just attack on the weakest of each of the contestants vulnerabilities, makes for phenomenal television.

Most of the girls are embracing this event and getting into it, everyone except for Victoria F. The place is packed and the crowd is ready to judge the ladies, they will be wearing daytime and evening wear. The judges will choose the top two and the two finalists will go head to head to win the revolve clothing prize. Carson says “a boyfriend is temporary but cashmere is forever” ironically enough, I have that tattooed on my back. Hannah Ann emerges in a wedding dress, the crowd loves it and the other girls well, they don’t find it humorous. I am rooting for Victoria F here, she walks down the runway and crushes it, she is emerging as someone who can catch Peter’s eye. Kelsey struts down the runway and hands Peter a bottle of champagne, we had the windmill in episode one, we have champagne in episode two. For the evening wear, Victoria F emerges in lingerie, and grabs peter out of the crowd and makes out with him. POWER MOVES ONLY!!!

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Set em up so Victoria can knock em down.

Looks like she got over that anxiety, folks, we have a new leader in the clubhouse. Hannah Ann and Victoria F advance to the championship round. Like the great band E.L.O. once said, it’s a showdown. The winner is …Hannah Ann, Queens stay Queens. Victoria tried to pull the Butler over Duke type of upset and Hannah Ann wasn’t having any of it. Like Butler failed, as did Victoria. She is visibly shaken and begins to cry as Hannah Ann collects dozens of Revolve bags and plays to the crowd like a Roman gladiator. Peter grabs all 47 bags and carries them off the stage. Trust me, the drama is only beginning.

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Hannah Ann is becoming the clear cut favorite, maybe only behind Madison but if I had to choose who Peter is about right now, it would be Hannah Ann. Onto the second stage of the group date and Victoria pulls Peter away to discuss her concerns and how she is feeling. Peter senses that something is wrong and Victoria continues to tell him that she likes him but she doesn’t know if her mental health will be able to withstand this type of experience. Victoria begins to cry on Peter’s shoulder and says she is embarrassed but she just wants Peter to NOTICE her. Pulling on this bloggers heart strings. Peter says that he appreciates her and he realizes that she is different than all the other girls, how beautiful she is and that she is special. If i had a dollar for every time a guy told me that, am I right ladies? Hannah Ann and Mykenna begin to bond and that is a power duo that will eventually implode. They will betray each other quicker than Fredo at a New Years Eve party.

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I know it was you Mykenna.

Kelsey and Peter share some champagne, this time in a glass. The champagne budget on this show most be astronomical, sweet Jesus. You can see the wheels in Hannah Ann’s head spinning, plotting and she lands on the ol’ “I was bullied” excuse. She says she is uncomfortable and she has been teared down by Kelsey, all because of a bottle of champagne. Now don’t get me wrong, Kelsey isn’t necessarily normal either but Hannah Ann is out for blood.

Hannah Ann tells Peter that she was up all night crying because she was bullied by Kelsey. I mean, this is a little much isn’t it? Only one way to feel less bullied and get over this traumatic experience… Make out session! She looks directly into the camera, like JFK addressing the nation during the Cuban Missile Crisis and says “I am not a champagne stealer and I think Peter knows that now”. Just laugh out loud type of material.

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My fellow Americans, I am not a champagne stealer.

Peter returns to the ladies and grabs the group date rose, he selects Victoria, good move by Peter. Ultimate good guy move and a smart move by Peter, I really like Victoria, she seems genuine. Hannah Ann looks like she just witnessed a golden retriever puppy get eaten by a Coyote. Peter then grabs Kelsey and the two head off to discuss her bullying methods. Peter is so into Hannah Ann, Kelsey claims that Hannah Ann is fake, Kelsey is very upset that her character has been called into question over the champagne incident. There is always drama in the mansion and I think Hannah Ann is being overly sensitive, Kelsey has no chance here though, Hannah Ann is the apple of Peter’s eye. Bully is a strong word to throw around, especially in this day and age, wild move by Hannah Ann. If they don’t like each other so be it, but this is immature.

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No puppies were harmed in the making of this episode.

Kelsey heads into the bathroom yet again to have a good cry while Peter heads outside to contemplate what to do with Kelsey and Hannah Ann. The preview for next week looks intense, more drama! No spoilers from me though Bachelor fans. We will see you all next week for another live blog of the Bachelor. Our most dramatic season yet!