We Are The Titans .. The Mighty Mighty Titans

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Upset city, awesome baby, that’s a dipsy doo dunk a roo Mr. Nessler! The Titans roll into Baltimore and get absolutely freaky on the Ravens. An absolute domination of the NFL’s number one seed. The Ravens played from behind the entire game and Lamar Jackson was forced to throw the ball over 50 times. Defense, offense and special teams, this was all Titans from the very beginning. This is one of the biggest playoff upsets we have seen in recent memory. Mike Vrabel has out maneuvered Bill Bellichick and John Harbaugh in back to back weeks. Not too shabby. In addition, we get a guaranteed AFC Championship game that everybody can get behind. The AFC will be represented by either the Titans, Chiefs or Texans, these teams are not what we have come to expect in the AFC Championship game let alone the Super Bowl. Regardless of who goes to the Super Bowl from that trio, I will be more than happy, love to see some new blood get a taste of the pie.

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Mike Vrabel … Real Freaky Naughty

Derrick Henry is a machine, he is becoming undoubtedly the best running back in the league. He rushed for 195 yards on 30 carries, averaged 6.5 yards per carry Oh, he also threw a TD pass in this game. Henry ran for 180 on New England last week in Foxboro, those are Madden numbers, human beings usually are not capable of that type of production. The Titans let Ryan Tannehill barely breath on the football, he only threw it 14 times, but when he did, very effective, he threw two touchdown passes and he also rushed for a TD as well.

Lamar Jackson looked unsettled and under pressure throughout the game. He was able to rush for 143 yards and as we mentioned, he was asked to throw the ball 59 times.. yes, 59 times! He threw for 365 yards and a touchdown but he had two crucial interceptions on big offensive drives for Baltimore. The Titans were able to sack Jackson on four separate occasions, when they didn’t sack him, Jackson was out of the pocket and running for his life throughout the majority of the game.

You really can’t say enough about how much Mike Vrabel has done for this team and his ability to change the culture in Nashville and even when this team struggled earlier in the year, he kept them focus and playing their best football down the stretch. It might be a little early but during the off-season Vrabel said that he would personally (checks notes, clears throat, looks around, he actually said this? Okay well, I will clean it up, this is a family blog) cut off his manhood for a Super Bowl victory. Well Mike, it might be time to sharpen those gardening shears because the Titans are rolling.
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Break out the cliche handbook and let it be known that this is why they play the games on the field – but it is true. The Titans on paper have no business of beating the Ravens as soundly as they did, but as I have said before, that is why sports is the greatest reality TV there is. Good for the Titans, I am loving this team, they are old school and are fun to watch. Going to be fun to see if they can keep making noise and get one more win and head to Miami for the big game.