49ers Deliver An Old-Fashioned Beat Down

Woah. I think it is time to take the San Francisco 49ers seriously. Throughout the season there was buzz that 49ers were over hyped and at times I bought into that but today was a well prepared game plan by Kyle Shanahan that his players executed to perfection. I was wrong about the Vikings, that was obvious, they laid a massive dump today. When your offense totals less than 200 yards for the day, that is usually an indication that it was a bad day, the Vikings proved that to be true. Especially, when earlier in the fourth quarter their offense only had about 85 yards of total offense.

The 49ers and Kyle Shanahan took the old play book that his dad, Mike Shanahan made famous, run the ball, play defense and have your QB make throws when it is necessary. The 49ers rushed for nearly 200 yards and two touchdowns. Jimmy G only threw the ball 19 times, completing 11 passes, throwing a touchdown and an interception en route to victory.

Kirk Cousins was under constant pressure, it felt like every time you looked up, Cousins was being swarmed by the 49ers. Cousins completed 21/29 for 172 yards but he was sacked six times and threw a crucial interception into the arms of Richard Sherman. Cousins was so pedestrian in this game, from about the end of the first quarter to the conclusion of the game, there was no hope whatsoever that Cousins would make any type of big play. With no mobility in or around the pocket, Cousins was a sitting duck for the 49ers D and the proverbially carriage turned back into a pumpkin rather quickly.

Image result for nick bosa
Nick Bosa, 49ers defensive star

Aside from Sherman, Nick Bosa was the star on the 49ers defense, he played through injury and recorded six tackles and two sacks. The run defense for San Fran today was some of the best I have ever seen in a playoff game. They allowed the Vikings to rush for TWENTY ONE YARDS (clears throat and repeats) TWENTY ONE YARDS. That is an insane number, anytime the Vikings handed the ball off there seemed to be no chance to get to the line of scrimmage. The 49ers ran 28 more plays than the Vikings today, aside from the TD pass from Cousins to Stefon Diggs, there was nothing else the Vikings could point to and say that they did a good job. They were outplayed in every single phase of the game. The offensive line of the 49ers looked like the 80’s and 90’s Redskins Hogs line, they pushed the Vikings around the field for four quarters.

Image result for washington redskins hogs
Redskins fans dressed in their Sunday best, hogs gear.

The 49ers will await the winner of the Packers and Seahawks tomorrow and will prepare to host the winner of that game in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California next Sunday. Regardless of who they play, the 49ers will be a force to be reckoned with. Surprisingly, the crowd was much louder than I was expecting today, for some reason you don’t think of San Fran as being a tough place to go play but the crowd was out in full force today and you can only expect they will be more hyped up for a meeting with Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers.

The Ravens and Titans are squaring off as we speak, we will have a review of that game up on the site once the game finishes.