Los Angeles Dodgers: 17′ & 18′ World Series Champions

I really wanted to write a baseball blog that didn’t involve the Dodgers today. I woke up and had every intention to right something about the possibility of Arenado and Bryant getting traded but instead I have to address the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers were cheated out of back to back World Championships.

Look folks, you can steal signs on the field, that’s gamesmanship, been doing it since the tennis ball days on the blacktop. That’s a part of baseball, you know what is not a part of baseball? When you weasel your way underneath the clubhouse and watch video of previous at bats, dissect the signs and then bring said signs back to the dugout. As everyone knows the Dodgers lost the 17′ and 18′ World Series to the Astros and Red Sox. Well what do you know, both of those teams are reported to have used banned sign stealing techniques throughout the 2017 and 2018 season, including the post-season in 2017. Also included in the report were the New York Yankees, no surprise there, they are the biggest scum organization to ever be assembled. Less worrying about having your players shave their facial hair and a little more focus on stopping the tarnishing of baseball, disgusting.

It’s tough to be playing teams that actually know what pitch is coming and still are able to compete with them. In 2017, the Dodgers didn’t just compete with the Astros they took them to 7 games. Hmmmm remember game 5? The extra inning back and forth 13-12 Astros win. Well that game seems a little bit more odd than it once did. ESPECIALLY seeing that the Dodgers made it through the order once without giving up a run and had a 4-0 lead. Then what happened you ask? Well just as the report suggests, after players first at bats they would go watch tape and dissect the signs, be ready to feed signs when they got on bace and on top of that, the Astros were stealing signs in real time. They were banging on trash cans, whistling, shouting from the dugout; they were using the relay of signs from the base paths as a backup to the original cheating. Dodgers respond and win game 6 and eventually lose game 7. Sort of odd that Yu Darvish shoved earlier in that post-season but got lit up like a Christmas tree both outings against the Astros.

We overcome that devastating series loss and head back to the Fall Classic in 18′ where we run into more cheaters. This is different, in 2018 video room access was blocked off during the post-season by major league baseball but during the regular season it was a goddamn land rush. The Red Sox who couldn’t win on the up and up cheated their way to the World Series. There were five American League teams in the 2018 post-season including the Wild Card play-in game. Those teams were the Astros, Red Sox, Yankees, Athletics and Indians.

So, the easy thing to do here is hold a giant parade through the Hollywood streets and crown the Dodgers the 2017 and 2018 World Series Champs. You ask, Scors, do you really want to win titles that way? Won’t it be way sweeter when you eventually win one? Nope, fine by me, I will take them anyway I can get them. I will sell-out to any cause if the price is right and in this scenario, two world titles, that’s talking big bucks.

If you don’t agree to my theory then I have two alternate theories that could take place. We could replay both World Series, all games to be played at Dodger Stadium before the beginning of Spring Training next month. The original teams from 17′ and 18′ would play, so regardless if you are on new teams or you are retired, you have to play or you will receive a lifetime ban from major league baseball… I mean business:

The Dodgers will play the cheaters in a best of 7 series but the cheating team must play the entire series opposite handed. Lefties throwing righty, righties batting lefty, absolute chaos. The Dodgers obviously play with their primary hand and dominate this best of 7 series in a sweep.

The Dodgers will play the cheaters in a best of 7 series but the cheating team must play every inning with their bat boy, their stadium organ player, a concession stand worker, a parking lot attendant, their blind folded General Manager, a fan under the age of 13, their oldest living fan, and the wife of the third base coach (if the third base coach is not married then we go to their closest living female relative) the one remaining spot on the field can be a player from their roster and he can play it straight up. Dodgers again win this one in a sweep.

The ball is in your court Major League Baseball. We will wait for your response.