Ding Ding

A twitter feud broke out between Antonio Brown and Logan Paul. AB challenged the youtube whiz to a boxing match and it looks like there is some discussion to it actually happening. Well I couldn’t care less if i tried, both of these guys are morons but AB will beat Logan Paul like a drum, bet your mortgage on it, it’s a TKO, Brown is unhinged and you don’t bet against unhinged people in the ring. However, this did get me thinking about other potential celebrity boxing matches that I would love to see.

Caitlyn Jenner vs Khloe Kardashian
This feud has been bubbling for years, apparently Khloe refuses to talk to Caitlyn and she is the only Kardashian who has cut Cait out of the picture. This would be a competitive match but I think I give the edge to Khloe in this one. I’ve seen Khloe on her workout show “Revenge Body” on the E! Network. Phenomenal show. I am biased, I think Khloe is the most attractive of the Kardashian ladies, so I would be rooting for her. I predict Khloe to win on points with a split decision from the judges at the end of the fight.

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David Letterman vs Jay Leno
The former Kings of late night have hated each other since 1992 when Leno weaseled his way into Johnny Carson’s seat and took over the Tonight Show. I would love to see these two guys go punch for punch in the ring. I love Letterman, he was the best host of my generation and I think he can out finesse Leno in this potential matchup. Leno isn’t in the best of shape and I think he would get tired out quick in this bout, I think Letterman lands a firm cross to Leno’s chin (not hard to miss) in the third round and he goes down for the count. Letterman in a K.O.

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Gordon Ramsay vs Mario Batali

Gordon Ramsay, one of my top ten favorite people of all time. Batali started shooting from the hip and called Gordo’s cooking “dull and outdated”. Ramsay fired back by making fun of Batali’s appearance, since then Batali has banned Ramsay and his associates from any of his restaurants. Well Marco, when you come at the king, you best not miss. Gordon Ramsay is chiseled, his temper and fire would be way too much for Big Marco to handle in the ring. Batali would 100% throw in the towel around the 4th round if he makes it that far. THROW THE DAMN TOWEL!

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Freddie Prinze Jr. vs Kiefer Sutherland
These two actors worked together in 2010 on hit TV show “24” absolute classic of a show. Prinze Jr. said that working with Jack Bauer was so horrible that he almost quit acting. Well, if there is one actor who i wouldn’t start beef with, it might be Kiefer. Guy is a lunatic and if they get in the ring it would be a boxing beatdown for the ages. Jack Bauer pounds Fred from Scooby Doo and KO’S him in the first.

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So there you have it, those are some of the ongoing feuds that I would like to see settled in the ring. Let me know who would be on your list.