That was Fast…Giants sign Joe Judge as Head Coach

Editor’s Note: @kscors2199 had to write a whole second blog about this because the Giants ignored his first list and just hired the first guy who answered the phone in Gillette Stadium.

MetLife Stadium, home of the Joe Judge led New York Football Giants
Joe Judge works here now

I have been a New York Giants fan since the day I was born. I have grown up with this franchise, every Sunday watching Giants football was glorious. I remember the heartbreak on the Trey Junkin snap, the rout of the Vikings in the title game, the beating we took in Super Bowl XXXV, the glorious upset against Favre and the Packers, the Tyree Catch, Plax shooting himself, Eli in San Fran, Manning to Manningham and so much more. That commitment to a team is a blessing and a curse, it makes weekends in the fall worth while but at the same time, when your franchise begins to shit the bed and get rid of legends like Tom Coughlin for coaches like Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur, you start to get frustrated and then the frustration goes to the I don’t give a shit attitude when your franchise becomes a complete joke.

The Giants the last three seasons have been a complete joke so when they had an opportunity to hire a new coach to get us back on track what do they do? They hire a guy by the name of Joe Judge. Wait, who? Joe Judge, the receiver/special teams coach for the New England Patriots, I loved what I saw out of the Pats receivers this year, that was sarcasm folks, get with it. I am so extremely and utterly…… thrilled with this hire? Threw you for a loop there I’m guessing. I’ll admit, I wanted the splashy hire, the Harbaugh, Belichick, McDaniels etc. type of hire but I am completely on board with this.

Who are the two most knowledgeable Head Football Coaches in your mind, professionally and collegiately? You answered Bill Belichick and Nick Saban, you were correct. Now, lets guess the two coaches that have hired Joe Judge to their staff. The answer once again was Bill Belichick and Nick Saban. If Judge is good enough for those two guys, then he is more than good enough for me. Yes, the Patriots receivers sucked this season, I watched every game, I saw it, we all saw it. Perhaps the personnel just weren’t there, and I will refer to what my Grandfather once told me while he lost money betting on Kerry Collins and the Raiders, “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit”. A modern-day poet. The Pats Special teams on the other hand is always at the top of the league, blocking punts, pinning teams inside their own 20, they do the little things right, the fundamentals, exactly what the Giants need.

I do think that the Judge and the Giants need to be very careful with who they hire as their Offensive and Defensive Coordinator. I think it is time for the Giants to bring in coordinators with sustained success or at least an extremely high level of experience in the NFL. Defensively, lets bring in a guy like Wade Phillips. Phillips has made an impact everywhere he has ever coached, especially when he is the DC. He won a Super Bowl with Denver as their DC and was also responsible for holding the Patriots to 13 points in a Super Bowl 53 loss. Another possible option might be Rex Ryan, he strikes me as more of a guy who wants to be a HC but this could be the path back to a prominent HC job in the league, Rex had plenty of success as a DC back in his day. The last possibility for me would be to go get Steve Belichick and promote him to Defensive Coordinator/Asst. Head Coach. This would be a step up for the young Belichick and it would be the same job his dad held for the Giants back in the 80’s and 90’s a perfect full-circle type of story. 

Offensively, I think a guy like Jason Garrett makes a ton of sense, he might want to step away from the responsibilities of the Head Coach, especially if a top level organization or team with potential is interested in hiring him, becoming a coordinator for a few season might be far more appealing to him. 

Initially when I heard this news, I was shocked and didn’t know how fond I was about it. I let it sink in for about 10-15 mins and I am all in on Joe Judge returning the Giants to their previous glory (4 Super Bowl Championships, 5 Super Bowl appearances). Judge is relatively young, he is only 38 years old but he has accumulated a lot of learning experience from some of the greatest minds in NFL history, he was witness to the Patriots organization which is arguable most functioning and sustainable culture in the NFL. All of these factors give Joe Judge the upper hand. The Giants must let Judge figure this out and us as fans have to give him the same opportunity. The contract length and total has not been finalized yet but this is at least a 3 season project, we need to give him at least 3 seasons to turn this thing around and develop Jones and draft a defensive unit. It feels like we have been reborn, rejuvenated and now it is time to set our sights on restoring order, who better to do that than a Judge. It is time for New York Giants Football to return to glory.