One Month Until The XFL Is Back

Vince McMahon, the greatest showman in the history of the universe is once again launching the legendary XFL. The season is set to kick off on February 8th in Washington D.C. – I am going to just be starting my vacation, the only downside of my trip is that I am going to miss opening weekend. I am so hyped for this league, I love the whole idea of a secondary league, the more football the better and this will lead us right into opening day of baseball, a beautiful transition. We now get march madness, baseball and football all together, God Bless America!

Vince’s league consists of eight teams. The Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, Seattle Dragons, DC Defenders, New York Guardians, St. Louis BattleHawks and the Tampa Bay Vipers. I need to pick my allegiance to a team and I am completely torn. For one, I am from New York and former Giants Offensive Coordinator, Kevin Gilbride is the Head Coach, the fact of sticking with my “hometown” team obviously needs to be considered. Second on my list of potential teams is the L.A. Wildcats, I am a die-hard Dodgers fan, do we add another L.A. team to arsenal and complete the Los Angeles connection. Finally, Tampa Bay coached by Marc Trestman (welcome to the electric factory) I love Florida and more specifically I love the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater area. I try and convince my wife to move to Florida all the time, it is where I belong. Only issue with this team is the name Vipers, not a huge fan, but then again, the only team name I really like is the BattleHawks so name isn’t much of a factor in the decision making process. I can guarantee which home stadium Vince will be frequenting most, Tampa Bay and Vince McMahon are like peanut butter and jelly.

Oliver Luck, Andrew’s father is the commissioner of the league and his office came out with some of the new rules for the league and they are absolutely fantastic. There will be no kicking the extra point, it is not allowed, nothing says tough guy football like abolishing the kicker, that Vince ball baby. Instead of kicking, you have the option of either going for a one, two or three point conversion. For a one point conversion the ball will be placed on the two yard line. For a two pointer the ball will be placed on the three yard line and for the far more difficult three point conversion you will need to get into the end zone from the ten yard line. This is an awesome idea, the more action the better.

We will also have a continuously running clock in this league. I love it, their goal is to shorten the games so they have decided to go with the running clock method. The clock will stop during the last two minutes of the game on an incomplete pass, out of bounds etc. The only other time the clock will stop is during a change of possession. Teams will also only be allowed two timeouts per half, replay will be limited to 25 seconds and only the sky judge will be allowed to review a play, no coaches challenges. In addition, every offensive player will have a one-way radio in their helmet with a line to the Offensive Coordinator so the team can run the no huddle offense, plays will be delivered right to the player so the league is expecting very few huddles during games.

One of the more exciting new rules is the institution of the “double forward pass”. You are able to execute the double forward pass as long as the first pass doesn’t cross the line of scrimmage. Another awesome rule, is the return of no fair catches, welcome to the BOOM STICK!

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The highly anticipated overtime rule is amazing. They are adopting a hockey style shootout format. The offense will get five chances to convert a two point conversion, alternating turns with the opposing team’s offense. Both teams offenses and defenses will be on the field at the same time at opposite end zones, what an awesome idea, I am so on board with this. All games are winner take all, no ties, no points for an overtime loss. If you want to read through all the rules, here is the link to the official XFL site.

I’m so ready for this league, the pageantry that surrounds any Vince McMahon organized event is always worth the price of admission. I will end this blog with my top five favorite Vince McMahon quotes, enjoy.

1. “I have balls the size of grapefruits and come this Sunday, you’ll be spitting out the seeds”

2. “I don’t give a damn what the fans think cause, quite frankly, I know what the fans want better than they do”

3. “I came, I saw, and I KICKED Stone Cold’s ASS”

4. “That’s right, you and God versus me, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and the product of my semen, my son Shane”

5. “The chances of you winning are the same as the chances of HELL freezing over”