Girl Scout Cookies & Me

My name is Scors and I am an addict. It’s a lot more fun to utter the words of being an addict on a blog than it is to do so in a church basement, take my word for it, I’ve been there. I love girl scout cookies, every year when that order form gets sent around is like a holiday for me. At my old cube job we had multiple dads walk around the office and give us the option to order them and get them delivered right to our desk, it was the best. Since I moved, I lose my cookie connection and have now been forced to scour the streets and local businesses to find a pop up shop or order form.

Last year around this time I was heading into Dick’s Sporting Goods to drop off my golf clubs to get re-gripped. As I entered the store, two girl scouts and their moms were parked outside the entrance. I didn’t have cash on me and they could see the disappointment on my face. Then the mother uttered these beautiful and exciting words “The Girl Scouts take debit or credit cards now”, holy shit, an absolute game changer. Well in that case, i’ll take five boxes, $25. My standard order is three boxes of samoas, one box of shortbreads and one box of do-si-dos. I brought my clubs in and picked up my cookies, opening up a box of the samoas and having a couple treats for the road. Now, here’s the key, when you get home you need to put the samoas in the fridge’. Samoas in the fridge are the greatest cookie in the history of the world, you can go to a fancy bakery and order an over priced cookie but when you get down to the nuts and bolts of desserts, the chilled samoas are a title contender.

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So, later that night, I had to go back to Dick’s to pick up my clubs. This time my wife is with me, she knows about my “overkill” as she calls it of a cookie purchase. Well, we make our way to the entrance and a new duo of Girl Scouts are at the entrance with their Moms. They ask if I would like to buy some cookies and I sigh sadly and say “I already bought some earlier”. One of the scouts looks up at me holding a box of tagalongs and says “But, Sir, you can never have enough Girl Scout Cookies”. My dear girl, you are right, what was I thinking, who am I to say no. I look at my wife, who glares back at me.. First off, as a married man you need to know which battles to fight, I haven’t fought many in our sixteen months of marriage but this was a hill that I was willing to die on. I looked at my wife, puffed my chest, reached into my pocket and pulled out my debit card. “I know you take cards now and I will have five boxes, give me my usual”. They looked at me like confused, they have no idea what my “usual” is. I felt cool saying it and lets be frank, it was cool. I then had to give them my order, 3-1-1, samoas, shortbread, tagalongs. Another $25 well spent.

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Girl Scouts have the right idea, you can’t buy these cookies online, it’s a journey to acquire the best baked goods of all time. Get off your ass, hunt down the booth, exchange a smile and a crisp $20 bill and have a wonderful evening amongst cookies.

There are a couple new flavors that I would like to try this year. To name a few, caramel chocolate chip, smores’ w/ the crunchy graham, thanks a lot and lemon ups. Check them all out here:

Finish off your Super Bowl party with a buffet of GSC, do the right thing and excite all your party guests. See all you guys at a cookie booth near you.