Finally! The Dodgers Make A Move And Sign A Free Agent

KILL ME! The Dodgers make their second move of the off-season and sign wait for it…. Jimmy Nelson! Who the hell is Jimmy Nelson you ask? Well he’s a washed up right handed throwing BUM who pitched for the Brewers since 2013. He is thirteen games below .500 in his career and has a career ERA of 4.22! Exactly what the doctor ordered, losing Ryu, who was a Cy young quality arm and Andy Friedman decides that Jimmy Nelson is the answer to our problems.

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I’m trying, I really am, I am trying to be patient and wait for this front office to make a move. Something significant, so many potential trade pieces and we do nothing other than sign Jimmy Nelson. Listen this isn’t Jim-Bo’s fault, good for him, he’s got an MLB pitching gig, I shouldn’t berate him, this is the fault of the front office, specifically this doofus:

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I mean, seriously, look at that face. He looks like he’s about to make a mistake on my W2 form and then laugh in my face when i have to go through HR to get another form and resubmit it. Now, I would like to make it clear, when the Dodgers trade for Betts and Price, I will immediately retract my Friedman bashing. The reason this is so frustrating is because the odds came out for teams to win the World Series and the Dodgers are the favorites to represent the National League in the 2020 Fall Classic. We are only a couple of moves away from being the clear cut favorites to win the whole thing, currently they have a good team, a team that will win the poop bag NL West but we are seriously on the brink of a championship caliber team that would have a chance to be dominant for years to come. Think of a lineup for the next 3-4 years with Turner, Bellinger, Betts, Donaldson, Muncy and Seager. That’s just to name a few. Just a constant mash show at the Ravine throughout the summer.

Right now the rotation is worse than it was last year. You have Buehler at the top who is a stud and other than Degrom, i take him over any pitcher in the National League. Then Kershaw, regular season will be NO PROBLEM, the mayor of Shove Town USA will be dealing until the air becomes crisp and the calendar turns to October, then I will be have to pull the clockwork orange to make it through his playoff appearances.

After Kersh we have Dustin May, Julio Urias and Big Jim Bo Nelson. Obviously this could change quite quickly if we can work a deal out with the Indians and Red Sox, Urias and May could be included in those packages.

This lack of movement and random mediocre signings have become almost a tradition under Friedman’s Dodgers during the off-season. The sliver of hope I have is that our Owner Stan Kasten made a statement the other day and said he still expects his ball club to be over the luxury tax in 2020. If that’s the case, he is expecting three major acquisitions that have big time contracts…. Betts, Price, Donaldson. There you go, figured it out for you, no need to thank me or send me compensation, just do it and go back to the World Series.