A Giant Decision

Editor’s Note: @kscors2199 sent this to me roughly ten minutes before they announced the hiring of Joe Judge as head coach. We decided to post it anyway so that Scors has something to link back to if the hiring pans out, or doesn’t.

MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Football Giants
MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Football Giants

The New York Football Giants need a new Head Coach, they parted ways with Pat Shurmur earlier last week and since then they have seen two of their top candidates sign with other teams. Yesterday Mike McCarthy made a deal with the Cowboys and this morning, Matt Rhule agreed to become the new Head Coach of the Carolina Panthers. Giants fan have officially smashed the panic button and I for one could not be any calmer. I didn’t think we had a chance on McCarthy and while I tried to sell myself on Rhule, deep down in places I don’t like to talk about at parties, I didn’t want Rhule on our sideline. I am convinced that the Giants need a Head Coach with previous NFL head Coaching success or something that resembles success. 

I shouted from the rooftops that “parting ways” with Tom Coughlin for Ben McAdoo was an awful franchise altering decision. We got through that disaster and then had a chance to right the ship and once again, I shouted to not hire Pat Shurmur, don’t do it, he’s a lame duck. Scors is two for two on Giants coaching predictions in recent years. So, hopefully Mr.Mara is a devoted reader of ProcrastiNation because I am going to outline the coaches that would make sense and have a chance to succeed as the head dog for one of the most successful franchises in NFL history (4 Super Bowl Championships in 5 appearances). Obviously, some of these candidates are dream choices, but us Giants fans deserve way better than what we have had to deal with the last four years. So, lets get to the candidates: 

Jason Garrett
Have I lost my mind? No, I haven’t. I think Garrett would be a welcomed hire for this organization. A former Giant, Garrett would understand the organization and hopefully be able to relate to a young QB trying to make his way in New York. He’s handled the task of coaching for a high profile organization and he knows the NFC East, say what you want about the guy, but he has some playoff experience and he would obviously be an upgrade from what the Giants have recently had. 

Rex Ryan
Watching Rex on TV, you can obviously tell that he still has the coaching bug. He is a defensive minded coach, that would do a lot for the Giants lack luster defensive scheme that has been displayed in recent years. He would bring confidence, electricity and a cockiness that might go a long way for a young time. He has the experience of coaching in New York and we might as well round out the trio of coaching the “New York” teams.  I felt like he got dismissed too quickly in Buffalo, this would be a hire that would exciting at least, something that has lacked with this organization since Super Bowl 46. 

Bill Belichick
The dream. The former Giants Defensive Coordinator, that orchestrated the defense to two Super Bowl titles in New York. The greatest coach of all time. Name the price, $25 million a year, sure, no problem. Belichick oddly enough has been on the sideline for every Giants Super Bowl Championship, two as the NYG DC and two as the Patriots HC. Bring home Bill and let’s start a dynasty of our own. 

Steve Belichick
If we can’t get the old bull then we should settle for the young calf. His name makes him better than anything currently going on in our organization. Why not? We can’t get any worse, his pedigree alone would bring in some phenomenal assistant coaches to help him navigate his first Head Coaching job.

Josh McDaniels
Let’s round out the Patriots Trio with Josh McDaniels. The offensive mind behind most of the Patriots dynasty would be an exceptional hire for the Giants. It is obvious that he is picky with the Head Coaching jobs he takes. He backed out of the Colts job and if Belichick has any say in where McDaniels goes, the Giants would be the logical choice. Belichick loves the Mara family and the Giants organization, and he might lead McDaniels down the path to leave the AFC and start the second chapter of his Head Coaching career with the G-MEN.

Bill Cowher
The former Steelers legend has always had his name involved in potential coaching jobs. The Rooney and the Mara family have the family connection and I think this job would be one of, if the only job that Cowher came out of retirement for. The former Super Bowl winning coach has stayed involved in the NFL on the CBS coverage and his track record and knowledge would be an excellent opportunity for the Giants organization. Aside from Bill Belichick, Cowher would be my choice to be hired as the next Coach, again, he would need a lot of money to woo him out of retirement, it would be worth it. 

Jim Harbaugh
People are always speculating that Harbaugh is going to leave Michigan. I honestly don’t think he wants to leave Ann Arbor. I have stood by Harbaugh has the Michigan coach and I don’t think the Maize and Blue can do much better than Harbaugh. If the Giants could get him away from Michigan this would be a flashy and exciting hire, the reality of the situation is that Harbaugh is too intense for NFL players and he wears out his welcome quicker in the NFL than in college where there is a revolving door of players. Aside from all that, I think he would be my number one collegiate choice to join Big Blue. 

There you have it, those are my choices. The Giants will most likely mess this process up and regardless of my opinion they already have in a sense. Rhule was supposedly their guy and they couldn’t even get an interview with him. David Gettleman and the dysfunction that Mara has allowed recently has changed the perspective of this proud organization, getting rid of Coughlin started this spiral and if the Giants don’t hire one of the people I mentioned on this list, it will only continue. 

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