Thoughts and Prayers to Tim Cook

Sad day in Cupertino today as the WSJ broke the story that Apple CEO Tim Cook saw his pay drop by nearly 25% to $125,000,000. This tragic pay cut comes just days after Apple announced they’ve fallen on hard times raking in a mere $63.9 billion in profit this year.

Soup cans, blankets, spare change, whatever you’ve got, gather it up and send it out to Palo Alto as soon as you can. It’s the least you can do -Tim Cook has brought us everything from new iPhones, iPads, to a full U2 album (pre-installed!-no hassles here).

You can even see the despair consuming Mr. Cook as he forces a smile while sitting a mere FEET from the stage at the Golden Globes -just awful to see. Luckily, they cut him a break and had his chair already facing the stage and saved him the embarrassment of having to pivot. But two tables back? None of us thought it was this bad.

Image result for tim cook golden globes

Tim Cook is only 59 years old so it’s going to be hard finding a side gig or even a new job but with plenty of resources out there and some American ingenuity I know this Chief Executive can land on his feet.