Golden Globes 2020: Skip the Movies and Stick to TV

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What was a bigger waste? The money you spent seeing these movies or the time you lost watching them? The answer is obvious -the time you spent watching the trash films nominated this year. TV shows -not so much, a lot of quality material there. Scors put together a post on his winners and losers this year and one thing is clear: Hollywood has lost its edge. From Marvel and Star Wars films that come out every other month to much-hyped and wildly disappointing films like The Irishman -it’s done, its over, close up a shop, dissolve the studios, disband the MPAA whatever you gotta do cause wow it was BAD. 

I’ve got wildcard football to watch so below you’ll find my baseless opinion on some of this year’s nominees as well as their cost to our pockets and our idea of what a good movie looks like. 


The Irishman. A never-ending, almost 10 part Netflix saga chock full of big names whose careers have long since past them. On and on and on this movie goes, rising and falling with no end in sight. Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro, and Al Pacino – what a way to hurt your legacy by getting in on this dumpster fire. Martin Scorcese has put together some great films (wolf of wall street, the departed) but this one ain’t it. Even comedian Sebastian Maniscalco got to sneak in on this one and good for him he’s not even an actor. Overall BIG swing and a miss. 

Total Cost: $173,000,000 –all with less views than Bird Box

Next up: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. A great title for what this movie unintentionally proved to all of us: the phenomenal films and jaw-dropping acting of the past are long behind us. Creativity and ingenuity are absent as we travel down this cinematic garbage chute. Like the Irishman, full of big names and famous directors who have had great careers but struck out big time going for this. 

Total Cost: $90,000,000

1917: Haven’t seen it yet but apparently it’s out. Honestly looks like a hybrid between Saving Private Ryan and Dunkirk so that alone makes me think it’ll be good. Director Sam Mendes put this one together, known for directing American Beauty, so it’s got to have something going for it. Previews show what looks like some great action scenes but I think overall its got potential and sheds light on the often overshadowed World War 1. 

Total Cost: 100,000,000 (estimated)

Sidenote: Didn’t see it either but The Two Popes looks pretty good…Anthony Hopkins is a master and the preview had a bunch of those symbols from film festivals so you know its good. Wouldnt be surprised if they took home some gold tonight. 


Definitely more of my wheelhouse here. Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Amazon whatever, you name it I’m the degenerate probably watching it all. Budgets for TV shows aren’t as widely publicized so I don’t have their costs aka I don’t feel like digging deep for them (but here’s a shocker -its a lot).


If you don’t watch this show you’re probably one of those people who rewatches the office for the millionth time and can’t stomach plot and drama. Brian Cox nails his part as logan roy, the seemingly unstable but strategic genius head of waystar royco battling his family’s internal drama throughout a hostile takeover. His trust fund children fight each other for control of the company and it twists and turns with some great plot dimension (made that phrase up) throughout.

The Morning Show

We get it -you have AppleTV -no one cares. Apple spent a billion dollars investing in hollywood material hence the all star cast of steve carrell, reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston. Two morning show journos battling for the top job -you get it. With a cast like that, why not watch it. 

Big Little Lies

Def not as good as season 1 especially when you don’t have Nicole Kidman’s psycho husband Perry around, but Meryl Streep crushes the seemingly innocent but crazy grandma. Also, didn’t watch the last episode but I can basically figure it out -Nicole Kidman soars to victory defending herself and wins custody of the kids (I mean I know she’s the single mother protagonist, but she did drive into a tree high on oxycontin and did take part in killing her husband and covering it up so maybe not a great idea but whatever I didn’t write it)

Everything else:

Chernobyl disturbing but phenomenal, game of thrones trash (you know it, I know it, don’t @me).

Agree, disagree I don’t really care. Eagles Seahawks are at halftime and Im hungry.