Fly Seahawks Fly

Carson Wentz was finally ready to lead the Eagles into the post-season, he paid his dues, watched his team win a Super Bowl from the sideline, he watched Nick Foles become a legend in Philadelphia but today was his day to start writing his playoff legacy. All year long Wentz was on the field, leading the Eagles to an NFC East title with an offensive group that was crushed with injuries, he threw for over 4,000 yards to a bunch of practice players and people signed mid season off the free agent wire. All the time and work he put in, that is what made his injury on Sunday afternoon so painful to watch. Jadeveon Clowney absolutely rang his bell, smoke him in the head and that led to Wentz exiting with a head injury, in came Josh Mccown and out went the Eagles season.

I feel like the change in QB got Pederson out of his normal play calling rhythm, he is a gambler, so going for it on 4th down with McCown doesn’t surprise me but the lack of faith in the passing game made it almost impossible for Philly to do any real damage. The problem for Eagles fans is that they could have won this game, with a healthy Wentz they have a real chance of moving onto the NFC Divisional Round. The defense stepped up and held the Seahawks to virtually nothing. This one will be tough to stomach for Philly fans, what might have been.

The Seahawks this year continue to win games in an ugly fashion. They don’t blow anyone out and they don’t look great when they win 90% of the time. With saying all that, they are moving on to the Divisional Round in a matchup against the Green Bay Packers who some people aren’t sold on yet either. What do the Seahawks do well? They win on the road, they improve to 8-1 on the road this season. DK Metcalf went off in this game and proved to the eight teams who drafted another wide receiver instead of him that he is the real deal; 7 receptions, 167 yards and a TD. The Seahawks defense ran wild on the Eagles, they recorded 7 sacks in this game and limited the Eagles to less than 300 yards of total offense.

Pete Carroll is a legend, I could watch that guy chomp at his game all day. Instead of the yule log on my TV during the holidays i might just fire up Pete chomping away on a continuous loop.

Another Wild Card Weekend is in the books, we got four entertaining games which is always a bonus. We have eight teams left, four more games next weekend. So, get through this shitty week at the office, read our blog and prepare yourself for another exhilarating weekend of playoff football. Can’t beat it.