Wild Card Weekend: Sunday Preview

Vikings @ Saints
This might be the biggest lopsided match-up of the NFL weekend. If you have faith in a Kirk Cousins led team heading into the Super Dome, you are a moron. Cousins has proven time and time again that meaningful games are his kryptonite. In addition to that, this Saints team is out for playoff revenge, after being the victims of the worst non-call in NFL history, the Saints are on a mission to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. The Super Dome is arguable the best home field advantage in the NFL and one of my rules in regard to football is, you don’t bet against Drew Brees at home. Brees is coming into this game as the hottest QB in the NFC, in his last six games he has thrown 22 TD’s and only 1 INT with a QB rating of over 110 in all six of those games. The Vikings do have a good front seven and an above average pass defense but Brees, Kamara, Thomas and Cook will prove to be too much. Saints in a blow out.
Prediction: Saints 38 – Vikings 13

Seahawks @ Eagles
The last game of Wild Card Weekend gives us the Collinsworth slide in and the best broadcasting duo in football, Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth. The NBC music, the camera work, the voice of Al Michaels – BIG GAME FEELS. There was a point in the season where people were quick to jump on Carson Wentz, well sports fans, Wentz threw for 4,000 yards and he did it by throwing to bottom of the barrel practice squad players. Wentz is for real and the more he is underestimated, is a major mistake by teams and fans. Philly also has the unbridled swag of Doug Pederson who will go for it at any moment and keep defenses guessing throughout the game.

The Eagles are playing host to one of the most consistent and exciting NFL franchises, the Seattle Seahawks. Russell Wilson is spectacular and the Pete Carroll, although being one of the oldest NFL coaches, is still the best. The Seahawks have won close games all year, they have won ugly and sometimes that can be a good thing. The biggest issue I have with Seattle is that they let teams hang around all game, I have waited for them to win a big game in an easy fashion and they have yet to do it this season.

This is the most competitive game of the NFL weekend, Philadelphia is a tough place to play and you always have to be weary of a team that barely sneaks into the playoffs by winning a shitty division and has the huge luxury of playing a home playoff game.

For some reason, I like Philly in this game as the home dog. 85% of bets in Vegas have been placed on Seattle (-1.5) Well everyone, here is a free tip for you, Vegas isn’t in the business of losing and when 85% of the public starts pouring their cash onto one team, it might be time to look the other way.
Prediction: Eagles 27 – Seahawks 24

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