They’re Gone!

They're gone!

Well, not exactly “they’re” gone, more like “he’s gone,” but putting aside this slam dunk Sound of Music reference for just a moment, Carlos Ghosn, the disgraced former head of auto manufacturing giants Nissan and Renault has inexplicably escaped his house arrest in Japan and fled to more peaceful and just lands in Lebanon. However, today our friends and colleagues* at the Wall Street Journal have revealed exclusive details into the auto executive’s harrowing escape. 

And yes, you read that correctly, Lebanon, the country who the State Department, due to terrorism and armed conflict, encourages Americans to “reconsider” travel to, ‘ol Carlos has chosen in the hopes of a more “fair trial.” And while you all might not be totally familiar with C-Suite lingo, that’s basically code for not going to jail.

But let’s back up. Today we revisit a tale as old as time, a heartwarming and inspiring story of another corrupt CEO using their money and connections to escape the grip of the legal system. Carlos Ghosn squeezed himself into an audio equipment box stashed away inside of the storage compartment of a private jet headed for the Levant -just like the Von Trapp family fleeing across the Swiss alps (well maybe not exactly Sound of Music-esque but you get my point).

Sadly, this time Captain Von Trapp isn’t singing edelweiss on acoustic and distracting the Nazis as he heads for the hills to avoid working for Hitler. Instead, it’s a corrupt multimillionaire who set up a slush fund at his cushy chief executive gig because at $17,000,000/year he felt “underpaid” compared to his other auto manufacturing colleagues. (I mean, let’s be honest, after your third home, how much money is really leftover?)

Beyond this great escape, Japan has been completely embarrassed. The most high profile criminal your country has had in decades and you let him escape out of his MANSION and onto a PRIVATE JET. How could you let this happen? How could there be such a lapse in your legal system that someone of this magnitude just disappears? Absolutely embarrassing. A complete debacle that would never, ever, and I mean ever, happen in this country.

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