The Buffalo Bills head into Houston today seeking their first playoff victory since 1995. The day was December 30th 1995, Waiting to Exhale starring Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett was number one at the box office. “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men topped the charts, the price of gas was $1.15 and Marv Levy led the Bills to a victory over the Miami Dolphins in the final game of Don Shula’s legendary coaching career. The following week the Pittsburgh Steelers blew the doors off of the Bills, ending the season and starting the post-season winning drought.

My wife attended the University at Buffalo and i would visit her nearly every weekend and I was able to experience the passion and hope that the people of Buffalo have for their lovable losers. Attending a Bills tailgate is a religious experience, braving the cold and crowds the hospitable people of Buffalo open their arms to friends and foe alike and invite you to chug a beer, have a hot dog or jump through a table. Growing up in Upstate New York is interesting in regard to your NFL fandom. You have Giants, Bills, Patriots and Jets fans. I can’t speak for other fan bases but I will say that when my beloved Giants are eliminated or not playing, I find myself pulling for the Bills, you can’t help yourself. When you have experienced the passion of Bills Mafia (see the video above to watch how the term “Bills Mafia” came into existence) it becomes infectious.

I made a deal with my wife, when we have a child, it has to grow up a Dodgers fan, no exceptions. You obviously want your kid to root for all your teams but if the child followed in Mom’s footsteps and was a Bills fan, that would be beyond respectable. This fan base deserves some success. I do believe today is the day for Buffalo to exercise the demons and get back in the post-season win column.

For the first time in a long time the Bills have a sustained culture. An owner who is present, a franchise QB in Josh Allen, Sean McDermott who deserves much more credit as this teams Head Coach, a top tier defense and a solid run game. It is all there for sustained success. Perhaps today is the start of a new era for the Buffalo Bills, a return to the early 90’s, a return to supremacy in the AFC, it all starts with one game, one win away.