Bills Choke; Grab Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

How bout’ that ride in? I guess that’s why they call it Wild Card Weekend. Wow. What a brutal second half for the Buffalo Bills. The first half was all Bills, absolutely dominate, trick plays, great defense, phenomenal special teams and a 16-0 halftime lead. Then the two teams came out of the locker room for the second half and everything changed. This is categorized as a choke from the Bills, no other way to put it.

Before we get to the game itself can we please just take a minute to appreciate the electricity that is booger McFarland. This was McFarland’s highlight reel game. First he drew the male genitalia on the telestrator, nothing like some 3D highlight D and B’s coming straight into your living room. Then from there he gave us the ultimate Booger-Ism; on 3rd and 10 with seconds remaining and the Bills down 3, McFarland urged the bills to run a draw play and spike it…. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A TURNOVER ON DOWNS BOOG MAN. ESPN gets some awful games throughout the NFL season but Booger makes them worth watching every week, the Boog Man puts asses in the seats. If ESPN gets rid of him I will be so sad, genuinely upset.

Now, onto the game. Josh Allen … woof. I get it, you’re a young QB in a playoff game but have some awareness man. Taking some horrible sacks that pushed your team out of field goal range, carelessness with the ball and handing the game over to the Texans every chance he could in the second half.

In my opinion there were 3-4 major plays that led to the Bills losing this football game:

1. The bills recovering a fumble and laying on the ball when it was the easiest scoop and score in the history of the NFL. Bills defenders were literally attempting to lift their teammate off of the turf to get him up and into the end zone but he instead laid there like a moron.

2. The opening kickoff of the second half. The refs rule that the returner gave himself up and they took the Bills TD off the board. That was a huge momentum swing obviously, you go from being up 20-0 back to 13-0 and starting the half fresh. The officials seemed extremely unorganized and all over the place throughout this game. Specifically during this play, the sky judge levitated down from the rafters or parachuted in from NYC to deliver the correct call to the on-field referee, I have literally never seen that before.

3. 13-0 Bills in the second half and J.J. Watt recorded a huge sac on Allen. The crowd erupted and the pulse of the game immediately changed, it might have been a coincidence but looking back on it, that play was huge.

4. The personal foul, blind side block in OT. 15 yards and the Bills are out of field goal range. The next drive the texans go down the field and win the ball game.

Yes, Josh Allen looked like the moment was too big for him. Allen broke a run late in the fourth quarter and tried to flip the ball back to a teammate for no apparent reason other than to give the game away. Trying to emulate the electricity that Scors brought in the Clifton Park Goose Poop Thanksgiving Bowl 2015. I was electric as a pickup QB and even better as a flag football QB, that’s not boasting, that’s just stone cold fact. Ask around. I still like this Bills team going forward but when the lights are brightest we see what you are made out of and clearly Buffalo lacked a bit of poise and the ability to stomp on their throat when the situation called for it. The Bills defense was very good for the most part, some rough plays in the second half and allowing Deshaun Watson to escape sacs and make huge plays on third down a handful of times. That was a major difference.

Shoutout to the Texans though. They battled. Down big, not doing much and they weathered the storm. Deshaun Watson is impressive and when the defense had to step up, they did, made plays, brought pressure, got stops. Credit to them, they are a weird team, can they beat KC or Baltimore, I doubt it but from what was displayed tonight, they have a better chance to make some noise than I originally thought.

The coaching in this game was also head scratching. Bill O’Brien and his cleft chin continue to annoy me. 4th and 1 with a minute left in their own territory, Field Goal puts them up 6 and makes Buffalo score a TD and extra point with no timeouts… Not for Big Bill, he goes for it, gets stuffed, Buffalo kicks a FG and we go to OT. If the Texans lost this game O’Brien would be getting roasted from all sides right now. However, the Texans survive and advance and are headed to the AFC Divisional round.

Bills Mafia, our hearts are with you. The drought continues. Table sales will be way down in the greater buffalo area until around mid-August. You could see the change from jubilation to same old same old from the buffalo faithful. In OT, my wife just crouched on the floor rubbed her face and let out a muffled “just another year”. Yeah, welcome to my living hell every October while I watch Clayton Kershaw rip my heart out, spit on it, flush it down the toilet go to the waste management facility, find my heart, bring it back and force feed it to me while he farts in my face. Sports can be heart-breaking, I don’t know why we do it to ourselves. But, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the Bills Mafia will be back in Orchard Park next fall, waiting, hoping and cheering on these lovable losers as they hope to end this decades long playoff drought. There is no better reality show than playoff sports, this game was better than advertised for a multitude of reasons, what a wild start to the Wild Card Weekend.

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