Wild Card Weekend: Saturday Preview

Bills @ Texans
Tale as old as time, the Houston Texans playing the Saturday afternoon game of wild card weekend. I can close my eyes and picture countless awful quarterbacks gracing my television screen as the Texans lose another home playoff game. I am on record as saying that the Texans have the second worst home field advantage in playoff history. Number one would have to be Jacksonville, how can you focus on the game when you’re knee deep in contaminated pool water, getting blind drunk with some of Florida’s must hospitable folk.

This game is hands down the least entertaining game of the weekend and if you’re expecting any type of flash outside of Deshaun Watson then you are going to be extremely disappointed.

I love the Bills defense and I think they show up in this game, the Texans are too inconsistent defensively, their receivers are banged up and with this team, health is always a concern.

Prediction: Bills 23 – Texans 17

Titans @ Patriots
It’s that time of year again! Every commentator and windbag throughout the country is saying the Patriots are dead. Well, not this guy. I will only count out Brady and Belichick, the greatest QB/Coach combo in history when they are officially dead and buried, until then, I believe the Patriots have a chance. Does that mean I think they are going to win the Super Bowl, not necessarily, winning the Super Bowl is hard, the Patriots have made it look easy over the course of twenty years. What I do think will happen on Saturday night , the Patriots will dominate this football game and make a statement.

The Patriots defense has been phenomenal 95% of this season, Tom Brady posted on Instagram that he is “Still Here” which is worth its weight in gold. Lets be honest, this is a close your eyes type of game. When I close my eyes, I can’t imagine Ryan Tannehill strolling into a night game in Foxboro and beating Bill Belichick and his defense, it just does not happen. Death, taxes and the Pats playing in the AFC Championship. Until they are knocked off, I will believe in Tommy and Bill.

Prediction: Patriots 31 – Titans 13

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