The Road To The Rose

My wife has done so much for me. She taught me how to save money, stood by me while I gave up alcohol, made me the happiest man alive on our wedding day and has overall been the most loving and understanding woman I could have ever asked for. There is one thing that she has done for me that means more to me than anything… she introduced me to the greatest television show in history, The Bachelor. Nearly six years ago I was introduced to this fascination and now I am addicted, not just to The Bachelor but The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, everything, if Chris Harrison’s handsome face is on it, I am all in. We are rolling into another season premiere, on Monday January 6th at 8:00PM on ABC, Pilot Pete Weber will begin his journey for love. Thirty contestants will be competing to be crowned Mrs. Weber.

Pete appeared on the latest season of The Bachelorette where he competed for the heart of Hannah Brown, Pete finished as the second runner-up while a stunned Bachelor Nation watched Hannah select Jed, he proved to be a complete tool bag and that relationship ended almost instantly. Pete had his day in the sun though, Hannah admitted to a live studio audience on the reunion her that she got freaky with Pilot Pete in a lighthouse … not once, not twice but three times. Pete you ol stallion you. I hope they both hydrated properly after. After Pete got over the heartbreak of losing the former Ms. Alabama he decided to agree to be the new bachelor.

Chris Harrison will come onto our TV screen on Monday evening and assure us once again that this will be the most dramatic season ever and from there we are shot out of a cannon. The drama, the pomp, the frill, the unadulterated passion that will ensue, I for one will be on the edge of my seat.

Lets dive into the numbers, statistics and the contestants that are competing to fly on the wings of love with this 28 year old Bachelor. The oldest contestant this season is Natasha, a 31 year old Event Planner from New York City. Our youngest contestant this year is a 22 year old Fashion Blogger named Mykenna from Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Awful way to spell that name. I always find it hysterical that a 22 year old will come on this show and claim that they just can’t find love, and how hard they’ve been searching for it, with spelling her name like that she is for certain going to be a complete psycho.

I’ll tell you what, being attractive is none of these thirty young ladies problem, that’s for certain. Pete has a phenomenal crop to pick from, I think this might be the best group we have seen on this show in a while. There are some impressive job titles so lets take an in depth look at some of the job titles that might catch Pete’s eye. We have Victoria P. who is a 27-year-old Nurse, her mother and siter struggle with drug addiction so that will certainly be an emotional storyline that the producers will exploit at some point during the season. Along with her good job, she potentially might be the most attractive of the bunch, I put Victoria as a strong contender to make it deep into this season. Megan is a 26 year old Flight Attendant from San Francisco, this is obviously right up Pete’s alley, can you imagine these two lovebirds cruising around the skies together, husband and wife, Pilot and Attendant, this sounds good enough to be a Lifetime Movie. . . .  WAIT A MINUTE, we have two more flight attendants, well that went from a Lifetime movie to a movie that used to corrupt a 2003 Dell Laptop quicker than you can shake a stick at. Eunice, 23 and Jade 26, both flight attendants. This drama writes itself. We also have a young attorney from the Windy City named Kelley a Medical Radiographer from Knoxville named Sarah, Alayah an Orthodontist Assistant and a Foster Parent Recruiter named Madison from Alabama. I BELIVE THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE. In all seriousness, that is a pretty important job and you can shape the lives for the better of a lot of people. That’s an impressive lineup of professions.

Now the questionable professions that we need some more explanation on. We have got some real good ones this season. We have Avonlea, 27, Fort Worth, she is a Cattle Rancher. I mean this sounds extremely interesting.  What time do you wake up to be a Cattle Rancher and if so do you expect your Husband to leave his profession to assist you in ranching of cattle, this seems like an extremely difficult type of job. Then again, my Cattle Rancher knowledge is solely based on various Kevin Costner movies where he is a complete badass so not really sure if those portrayals are accurate. We also have our youngster Mykenna who is a blogger LOL a blogger? Do something that is a bigger waste of your time. . . Tammy is a House Flipper, Kiarra a Nanny and Katrina a “Pro Sports Dancer”. It wouldn’t be a season of the Bachelor if we didn’t have an aspiring model on the list, and this season did not disappoint, everyone meet Hannah Ann who is a 23 year old from Knoxville, that is our second Knoxville Queen, the battle for Knoxville is about to take center stage between Hannah Ann and Sarah.

I have read the bios, seen the pictures and have avoided ANY and ALL spoilers so here we go, before I reveal my final four and eventual champion, I will give you my Top Ten list of contestants. The following are listed in alphabetical order to avoid my picks:
1. Alayah
2. Courtney
3. Jade
5. Lauren
6. Lexi
8. Megan
9. Payton
10. Victoria P.

Well there ya go Pilot Pete, Scors has given you your top 10 list. Now let’s get this down to an elite eight:
1. Jade
2. Kelsey
3. Lauren
4. Lexi
5. Maurissa
6. Megan
7. Payton
8. Victoria P.

Alayah and Courtney, please say your goodbyes. Now we separate contenders from pretenders, the Final Four, from this point, I am going to be giving you the picks that I think Peter will select, personal preference is gone and after reading, these are who I think Peter will vibe with:
1. Jade
2. Kelsey
3. Megan
4. Payton

In a dramatic Final Four ceremony we cut it to three contestants and then it is onto fantasy suites:
3. Payton

Jade will be eliminated after fantasy suites and we are left with a matchup between KELSEY VS PAYTON. Peter will get down on one knee and give his final rose to…… Payton, the 23 year old Business Development Rep. from Wellesley, Massachusetts. Congrats to the happy couple!

Well there you go, a preview and predictions. Again folks, these are just predictions and championships aren’t won in the offseason. It is time to play the game. I will most likely be live blogging every episode aside from when I am on vacation in February. If you haven’t watched this show before, please, give it a try. It is must watch television. Sit back, relax and choose which lovely lady is most worth of receiving the coveted final rose.

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