Garrett out in Dallas; Jerry looking to make a splash

After days of deliberation, Jerry Jones decided that a new coach was needed in Big D. It was announced late Thursday night that the Cowboys would be moving on from Head Coach Jason Garrett. This rounds out the complete shake up of the NFC East and as of today, Ron Rivera is the second longest tenured coach in the division. He was announced at a press conference… yesterday.

Garrett was the Head Coach of the Cowboys for ten seasons, he is the second longest tenured coach in franchise history behind the one and only Tom Landry. Garrett compiled an 85-67 record, three NFC East titles, two playoff victories and only had two losing seasons during his time in Dallas. The 8-8 record this year is what did Garrett in, the amount of perceived talent on his roster and the inability to win the division was the last straw for Jerry Jones. The image of Jones watching the Eagles beat the Giants on the TV screen in his luxury box is the stuff dreams are made of. I am a die-hard Giants fan and I hate the Cowboys more than any franchise in sports, but goddamn do I love Jerry Jones. He is as entertaining as they come, his post-game press conferences are one of a kind for an owner, having someone cleaning off his reading glasses is an all-time power move and hugging out Chris Christie is an everlasting image.

Jason Garrett is going to be fine, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets another Head Coaching job this offseason and at the very least he will be an Offensive Coordinator or Assistant Head Coach at the start of next season, obviously that is if he wants to keep coaching. I could also see Garrett going to TV for a year and then getting back into the coaching arena. I feel like the Cowboys job will take years off your life so Garrett might need some time to decompress. The expectations are so unrealistic for Cowboy fans, they haven’t been a perennial power since the mid 90’s, they have had 2 or 3 years of good teams that puttered out early in the post-season and frankly this current roster has not proved themselves yet. Now, that might be a product of coaching or it could be a bit of coaching and a bit of being, dare I say it.. OVERRATED. Time will tell but if you think Garrett is the only problem in Dallas, I think you are being delusional.

The big question now is obviously, who will be the new Cowboys Head Coach. I think the clear and obvious choice for the Cowboys would be Josh McDaniels, the Offensive Coordinator for the New England Patriots. McDaniels will not leave New England unless the job is a top franchise (Giants, Cowboys, Steelers, Packers) and if he doesn’t leave, he will be next in line if Belichick leaves New England. He is a phenomenal offensive mind and with all that potential talent on the offensive side of the ball for Dallas, this could be a perfect fit.

Next up are the current College Head Coaches. The obvious choices are Lincoln Riley from Oklahoma and Matt Rhule from Baylor. It is quite possible that Riley has bringing Oklahoma as far as they can go, they play quick and fast in the Big 12 but when they matchup against the top SEC type teams they can’t compete physically. In three seasons, Riley is an incredible 36-6 and has gone to the CFP all three seasons. What speaks the most to me is that he has not come out and said he’s staying at Oklahoma, if he is going to the NFL, he is going to the Cowboys. It makes a lot of sense and as the NFL continues to shift to young Head Coaches who can revolutionize the game, Riley fits the bill. Matt Rhule seems to be the favorite of the Giants; he was an Assistant Coach with the G-MEN in 2012 and he is from New York City. He has the Texas ties now since he has been at Baylor for three seasons. He has taken that program from the depths of hell and has led them to back to back bowl appearances and an 11-win season in 2019. In his first Head Coaching stint with Temple he took them from two wins to ten wins within three seasons. This guy knows what he is doing, and I think he would be a tremendous hire for any NFL team, he might not be the flashiest of the candidates, but he will be effective, and he will be effective quickly.

The NFC East is going to look so much different when we kickoff next season, but it has the potential to be one of the most exciting divisions in football. Young Quarterbacks, new coaches and a division that is the ultimate parody division, nobody is able to win this division back to back years and Jerry Jones is looking to bring the Cowboys back to the prominence of the 90’s. Should be exciting, until then, Wild Card Weekend is here, go enjoy it.