Still Here.

***We will have a full Wild Card Weekend preview coming within the next couple of days***

With the NFL playoffs approaching, the question from media and talking heads alike is obviously, are the Patriots dead? Well, if you think the Patriots are dead then you don’t have a brain in your head. It would be very unwise to count out Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for the simple reason that they are who they are. The greatest QB and Coach combo to ever live, the years and years of experience, the six titles, the nine super bowl appearances. These are all factors as to why the Pats are not dead until the last scoop of dirt has been tossed on the grave and an armed guard is stationed at the graveside in case they decide to rise from the dead.

Tom Brady has won 30 playoff games in his career, the other nine starting QB’s in this years postseason have a combined 26 playoff victories. Brady’s experience is insane. Everyone wants to be out in front of the take and say “well this is the end of the Patriots dynasty”. The problem with that is, the media and take artists have been saying the dynasty was over ten years ago. Since then, the Pats have won three additional Super Bowl Championships, that’s six in total for Brady and Belichick. Experience in the playoffs matters, if Brady was by himself, you could say the offense has not looked good, he lost Gronk, Antonio Brown is gone, Josh Gordon is gone but Brady is not alone. He has the greatest defensive coach in the history of the NFL scheming away to stop ….. RYAN TANNEHILL and the Tennessee Titans. I repeat, Ryan Tannehill! When I lay my head on my pillow at night and close my eyes, I can assure you that I cannot envision the Titans rolling into Foxboro and beating the Patriots.

The Titans have Derrick Henry, an absolute unit and probably the hardest HB in the league, he is potentially a problem on a cold night in New England. Belichick will stop Henry and say here you go Tannehill, beat us. That is not going to happen. Bellichick has a home record of 225-79 since becoming the Patriots Head Coach. His postseason record at home in Foxboro is an incredible 20-3 and in the month of January, Belichick is 30-12. The Titans have had a nice season, I love Mike Vrabel and the attitude he brings to the field and the way his teams compete. He will not be intimidated by New England or the environment in which his team is going to be walking into on Saturday night but he is in over his head against Belichick.

You want to know how delusional the World is? As I write this blog, over half of the money in Vegas is on the Titans to cover the number, currently (+5). Look if New England loses to Tennessee then, I will put my hand up and say I was wrong. The Patriots have done something that we will never see again, a stretch of twenty year dominance, that it is unheard of, especially in this era of sports. The problem with how good they have been is that people want to see them buried, they are sick of the Patriots and if they don’t go to the Super Bowl then it is a failure. Wait, what? Obviously it is every teams goal to go to the Super Bowl and to win it, but that isn’t reality. Even if the Patriots lose to the Chiefs or the Ravens will I join in saying that the Pats dynasty is over? No chance. This train stops when not only Brady gets off, but when Brady and Belichick call it quits.

There are rumors circulating that Brady might be leaving the Patriots at the end of the year, it is also being said that Josh McDaniels (Patriots OC) could be on his way to a Head Coaching gig. If that’s the case, will Belichick stay around or will he come and coach the Giants and make me the happiest man alive, wishful thinking. If the Titans shock me and win this game on Saturday and this is the last time we see this group of Patriot legends together then it was an unbelievable run. The dissolving of this group would be just as fascinating as it was to watch their dominance.

Until then, you should never count this duo out. As Tom Brady says “Still Here”. They are definitely still here and the Titans are unfortunately going to be on the wrong side of the Patriots proving to the World why they are the defending Super Bowl Champions.

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