Why do the Dodgers hate me?

Shockingly enough, tomorrow will mark 40 days until spring training begins. With that being said, we must ask the question, do the Dodgers enjoy torturing me? You might think, he must be referring to the seven straight NL West titles without a World Championship or the heartbreaking number of post season losses from 2008-2019. Nope, that’s a part of baseball, winning the World Series is hard. I am not a delusional Yankee fan who thinks winning the World Championship just happens every year. What I am referring to is the constant ineptitude of our front office since Andrew Friedman has taken the reigns.

If you are going to become a loyal reader of our blog then you should know upfront that I live and die with the Los Angeles Dodgers. I have been a Dodgers fan since I was 14 years old. I played baseball growing up, became a coach at the high school, summer travel and collegiate level and am still coaching baseball to this day. Other than my friends and family there is nothing I love more than baseball . So, as a loyal Dodgers fan who purchases every TV/internet package to watch the Boys In Blue religiously – I have to ask, what in God’s name is this organization doing.

The Dodgers have more money than nearly any team in baseball and they have signed ONE… I REPEAT… (CLEARS THROAT) ONE!!!! A solid relief pitcher Blake Treinen who is a good signing, he was phenomenal in 2017 but had a rough year in 2018. Since signing him to bolster our bullpen the Dodgers lost a bidding war for Gerrit Cole and Madison Bumgarner, let Hyun Jin Ryu walk to the Blue Jays and have not signed anyone else. In addition, the best clubhouse presence the Dodgers had, David Freese retired in November. What is most frustrating about the Dodgers is that they are linked to every single free agent who is worth anything and time and time again they do not sign any of these players who would potentially push us over the edge and win our first title since 1988. There is one big name still on the free agent market, Josh Donaldson. He would make our lineup hands down the best in the National League and Justin Turner has made it known he is willing to move to second or first base to accommodate a new third baseman who can help this ball club win.

If the season started today, the Dodgers arguably could be a worse team then they were in 2019 when Clayton Kershaw pissed down my throat once again. They lost in the Divisional Series to the eventual World Champs Washington Nationals in five games…. I am still holding out hope for the 2020 season (I’m a sucker) and here is why. Trades.

There are so many possible trades the Dodgers can make if they are willing to part with their top prospects. Gavin Lux, Will Smith, Dustin May, Keibert Ruiz, just to name a few. I am of the opinion that we should sell the farm if we are in the Kris Bryant, Mookie Betts market. Those guys are franchise changing players and what do they both have in common… beating the Dodgers en route to the World Championship. A potential trade with the Red Sox seems most likely as they are looking to dump David Price’s salary and don’t plan on extending Mookie Betts and pay him the big bucks that he is undoubtedly going to get. The Dodgers can solve those problems and in return the Red Sox will still be competitive with what they would receive from Los Angeles. The Bryant deal is also a possibility if the Dodgers don’t think they can sign Betts to an extension. The Cubs ownership is crying poor and they want cost effective young talent, the Dodgers have that by the truck load, Bryant would be another move that would make the Dodgers the clear cut favorite to win the National League for the third time in four years.

If the roster stays exactly as it is today, do I think the Dodgers will win the NL West for the 8th consecutive year? Yes, I think they win that suckbag division by 10 games at least. We are not in the business of celebrating division titles, we need to win a World Championship. The loyal Dodger fans deserve one, hopefully Friedman and his team have some trades up their sleeve by the time spring training starts. Let the countdown to the 2020 MLB season begin!

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